Mark Coreth

Mark Coreth at Masterpiece 2015

Our stand this year is dedicated to Mark Coreth's incredible sculptures of animals in motion. Mark will be at the fair everyday actually Modelling new work and explaining his creative process.

works on our stand can be seen here.

Ice Bear Trailer

The short film of the story "Mark Coreth's Ice Bear" project was selected as one of the entrants in the British Documentary Film Festival in London.

Narrated by Ewan McGregor the documentary tells the story of Mark's journey to the Arctic and his love affair with the region and the polar bear.

Finally capturing the essence of the Arctic in the form of a bronze life-sized sculpture of a polar bear encased in a block of ice Trafalgar Square. Mark carves an Ice Bear round it, and as it melts, it leaves a skeleton, a pool of water and a stunningly powerful environmental message.


Mark has just returned from flying to the Ukraine and back in his little aeroplane. He is now busy in the studio completing his life-size Walking Bear before starting work on new pieces for his 2014 exhibition at the gallery.
Life size "Crouching Tiger" and "Seated Tiger" leave the foundry for their new home in Paris.


Mark Coreth's bronze life size polar bear skeleton, which he sinks into a huge block of ice and has carved at venues around the world to raise awareness of climate change and the terrible threat to the bears habitat, has been stolen.

Having survived journeys to Trafalgar square, Montreal, Copenhagen and other far flung places it is awfully sad it has been stolen from Mark's lovely isolated garden in Dorset. If anybody has seen it passing by on the A303 please let us know.

The Exhibition Closed on November 24th 2012, works can still be seen here.

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